First, thanked God for an article from South Florida EATS by Susan Bryant (Eating section)¹ that was just released  last 27th of June 2017 entitled “Menu changes weekly at Casareccio Italian restaurant in Pompano Beach”

Second, we had experienced Customers calling us ahead of the day/s when they have some special cravings or request from for their family or guest. We tried to accommodate most of them as long as we have enough time.  And well, it also depends on the Market product availability and the cost.

On the day that we decided to have our soft opening after all that long waiting from the City of Pompano for the license. I had some struggle on what I should put on the big black board. So muck space that I have to reflect that Casareccio is a fun, cozy and relaxing place. A trattoria restaurant and osteria type. Plain and simple make our guest love the food, and enjoy the place and simple background music. It doesn’t have to be a high-end service where waiters are all so formal. We wanted guest to take their time, enjoy their table company. But instead, we find ourselves that every Wednesdays (almost everyday) we change our Menus just to keep the available product in the kitchen in medium amount. None will get thrown away or wasted away.  This help us replenish the next day with fresh and new produce and products. Therefore NO PRINTED MENUS.

I don’t know but I don’t want my kids and family to eat a one week old food that was kept in the refrigerator.  We don’t serve them, if we can’t eat it. We have repeated guests, whom we are so blessed, that they come for the same appetizers we keep them in our weekly menu.

It’s funny but People see us shop around everyday. And most of the time, we find ingredients that are at great cost/price and “REALLY, (trust me) REALLY FRESH!” and we both get excited and will come up with the new recipes. We tried to kick ourselves and remind ourselves to just hold ourselves for just another day or so. We feel like we are bunch of kids waiting for Christmas EVE to open Christmas presents.

Believe me it’s not easy to change the Menus every Week. But we have to make it exciting and fun.  It’s the same feeling when you have some invited people coming to the party and help them be entertained with the food, place, and service.

We hope that you get a chance to meet the family of Casareccio. If not, just give us a call and make a reservation (as I always advised). We would love to have you come by, even just for an unexpected visit.

Ciao! Arrivederci! Finché non ti incontriamo!


 Days and Hours:

Wednesday-  Thursday  5pm – 10pm

Friday -Saturday 5pm – 10:30pm

Sunday – Monday  5pm – 9pm

Tuesdays we are closed.